SeConf 2018 – Chicago: Opening Remarks

Level up: playing the automation game – Angie Jones

The one with the automation – Raluca Morariu

Scaling Selenium to infinity using AWS Lambda – Wes Couch & Kurt Waechter

AI for element selection – Jason Arbon

How AI is transforming software testing – Raj Subramanian

Run the load down your mobile app – Christina Thalayasingam

UI automation – it’s not free – Aditi Mulay

Selenium: state of the union – Simon Stewart & Jim Evans

Automator activate: unleashing your inner superhero – Marlena Compton

How test engineers with collaborative & growth mindset are winning – Meredith Bayne

Sleeping is not your best friend in automation – Michelle Macdonald

Context: Missing ingredient in multilingual software translation – Mirjana Andovska

Overcoming imposter syndrome – Elysia Lock

Using Appium for Unity games and apps – Ru Cindrea

Automated accessibility testing – Dylan Barrell

Spot the difference: automating visual regression testing – Viv Richards

Day 2 Lightning Talks

Day 1 Lightning Talks

Sub-second acceptance tests – Aslak Hellesøy

Selenium Grid Docker Containers, Selene and pytest – Derrick Kearney

3 ways not to use Selenium – Jain Waldrip

Knowing your automation – Hugh McCamphill

The well-architected automation framework – Adam Goucher

Designing the new Selenium IDE – Tomer Steinfeld

Automating repetitive communication tasks with a bot – Pooja Shah

Selenium Commiters Panel

Selenium Chicago 2018 Highlights